Alison’s Shell Yes!



A few weeks ago I attended Alison’s Shell Yes party! It was a party that Merbabes could “Dance their Troubles into Bubbles”. I loved that party so much! Alison went all out with so many amazing things to offer. Alison had yummy Merbabe food from Vida Acai, Shell Yes cups filled with Sodalicious and delicious Lick’d Popsicle.



The Throne of Awesome made everyone as happy as a clam!

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Everywhere you looked you could see Merbabes living it up and dressed so cute! Alison was so kind and took the time to design shell boobs for anyone who wanted them, and I WANTED them! go here if you want to make your self a pair.


At these cute parties the set up makes a huge splash! On the tables their were giant pearls, shells of white and pink, bubbles, and pins with merbabe quotes on them.

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I felt like this party was just for me! First it was called SHELL Yes, and my hair totally matched! So i’m just going to pretend Alison threw this party for me and invited hundreds of other women to join us as we danced!


I attended this party with one of my best friends named Erica. We always have so much fun at these events, I’m glad I get to spend time with her in such a fun setting!



Alison was so cute in her outfit! I loved it! Alison also had a lot of friends from deep under who came to her party! Sharks and Mermen came to join the party, and it was great!

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At the end of the night each babe was given a super cute gift bag. The gift bags were cute totes that had a mermaid saying ‘Dance Your Troubles Into Bubbles’ on them. The bags were filled with yummy goodies and amazingly comfy LuLaRoe leggings that have little pink shells with ‘Shello’ written on them.


I love attending these events because helping Alison and her rock star band of girls set up is so much fun! I love seeing the hard work that goes into it and then after enjoying her party with hundreds of other ladies! I just want to say Thanks Alison for giving women a night out and letting us enjoy ourselves, I know throwing a little party is stressful I can’t imagine throwing a huge party for so many women! Thanks of stressing yourself out as much as you do for us!

-I got my leggings from Amazon for only $10

-I got my shirt at Target and I got my iron of sheets for my Shell Boobs at Michael’s Craft store.


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