Family Pictures 2016

The holidays are upon us so that means Christmas Cards, and Christmas Cards mean Family Pictures! Family pictures can be stressful, so here are a few of my easy tips to help you through the family picture outfit planning!

For Family Pictures try and pick a few colors that you love! My husband and I LOVE to wear Black, Grays and White. So we picked (lets be honest, I picked) gray and black. A staple in pictures can be jeans, and i usually will always have jeans in my pictures, it’s so easy to throw it in the mix. I matched my husband Tanner with Mavis through their jeans. Mavis is wearing a jean jacket that matches the same jean type as Tanner’s pants.

dsc04773 dsc04769-1

Tanner’s Gray top matches my gray cardigan. Tanner’s shirt also has a detailed pocket with a maroon pattern that matches the color of my necklace and Mavis’ scarf.

dsc04756 dsc04750

Mavis and I match with our black dresses and black boots.

dsc04711 dsc04715  dsc04747

I picked 3 main colors (Black, Gray and Jean) and made sure we had at least on of the colors on. I then picked 1 “highlight” color (maroon) and had us wear it in some way.

dsc04734 dsc04723

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