Harry Potter And The…

I went to the Midnight release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 and Part 2 at Barns and Noble. It was released July 31, 2016 and it was such a fun excuse to wear my Hogwarts robes!


I went with my friend Erica and we ROCKED the Harry Potter Trivia! We also drew our patronus, made wands, wrote why we love the Harry Potter books, and got sorted into our house (I got Gryffindor!).


I thought Barns and Noble did such a cute job decorating the store and setting up stations.

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*I’m not going to lie I remember them being a lot more fun when I was younger, Maybe because I actually got the book? (I preordered the book back in April and had it delivered to my house.) Or maybe because when I was a kid they handed out FREE food, a lot more crafts and A LOT more people there!



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