Mavis is 2!

Mavis turned 2 years old on August 28th and we celebrated all weekend long!


On Saturday we did a Come “Rock” with Mavis as she “Rolls” into her Two’s! Mavis LOVES rocks. She likes to collect them, line them up and throw them so we added rocks to her party! (We also added Gem’s because she’s a Gem and Gems can be rocks). Alison from the Alison show is coming out with these WAY CUTE printable cutouts! We added the Roll because we had her party at Classic Fun Center in Orem (Classic Skating). It was such a great party with a great price! (We did the Semi-private party package). Mavis loved skating and jumping on the bounce houses!



hand outs


mom mav mav tan skating mav tan climbing mav mom gma mav


On Sunday August 28 was Mavis’ actually Birthday! So we did a “Mavis turns 2 at the Zoo”. We feed the giraffes, we looked at all the animals, and she touched a turtle, hid from a snake, and thought about petting a hissing cockroach. Mavis got to ride the Merry-Go-Round and LOVED it! After that Mavis was exhausted and took a nap in the stroller while we just walked around the Zoo for a little longer.
We sang Happy Birthday and she blew out candles and opened gifts one last time!

merry go round Mavis Lion lions hissing cockroach fam 14199662_10210887752688068_2727663163670566086_n elephant

I LOVE being Mavis’ Mom it’s the best thing! I’m so glad Tanner and I were lucky enough to have such a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter!

mav two

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