The Girl Band Fashion Tip

I’m Pregnant and honestly feel like I have nothing to wear! But to be fair even when I’m not pregnant I still feel like I have noting to wear, so basically I always feel like I have nothing to wear! I don’t know how you are but if your anything like me you’re in a hurry in the mornings. I don’t have time to take an hour or so to pick out an outfit. Here is my biggest tip or advice for you; Look at you out fit as the “Mean Girls Group”, “A Girl Band”, and /or a typical “Girl Gang”. This is what I mean you have a Regina George (the leader), Cady Heron(the right hand girl), Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners (go to girls/ groupie).


Regina George: The statement piece

Cady Heron: Complements the statement piece

Karen Smith/Gretchen Wieners: basic go to pieces that lets the statement piece shine.

In these Pictures you can see “The Leader”; It’s the girl grabbing the attention.


“The Right Hand Girl” is the one who is complimenting the Leader


“The Groupie(s)” is the girl who kind of fades into the background but still makes am important impact to the group.


So lets put this into an outfit


Outfit #1

Regina George: Gorgeous bib necklace

Cady Heron: Small matching earrings (make the necklace shine)

Karen Smith/Gretchen Wieners: Little black dress/plain black pumps (puts all the attention into the necklace)


Outfit #2

Regina George: Red Statement Lip

Cady Heron: Black Winged Liner (to bring focus to Lips)

Karen Smith/Gretchen Wieners: light bronze make up, even skin tone (to make Lips even better)


Outfit #3

Regina George: Large Leopard Print Scarf

Cady Heron: Leopard print flat ankle boot (complements the large chunky scarf)

Karen Smith/Gretchen Wieners: Black Top with Jeans (Just a canvas for the Leopard Print)


I really hope this helps you pick out your outfits fast and easy! But remember fashion is suppose to be fun so if you LOVE an outfit and it breaks this rule then BREAK IT!!!

2 Responses to “The Girl Band Fashion Tip

  • I LOVE this analogy. This is going to make getting dressed in the morning so much easier… because let’s be honest Mean Girls is the best! xx but seriously though I aged like twelve years this morning before picking out a slouchy sweater and leggings… oh boy.

    • slouchy sweater and leggings are a “Groupies”, add a cool scarf and thats your “leader” and boots can be your “right hand girls”!